3 slave guys put to the test: Who’ll survive, who’ll reign as supreme slave?

divine bitches1

The latest installment from Divine Bitches is another good one. This time, Mistress Lorelei has at her disposal.

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There’s flogging, bondage, electric shock. You can see the fear and simultaneous pleasure in these slutboys as they endure the onslaught of demeaning acts.

Divine bitches2Divine bitches3Divine bitches4

And then there’s the assfucking. The slaves are thrusted mercilessly fucked with dildos and the strap-on. They moan and scream as their orifices are invaded while being taunted by the Mistress.

Then they’re fucked. Reduced to being living dildos, the Mistress rides their cocks to bring herself to climax. Will the slaves be allowed to blow their load as reward for their torments? Find out.



Paddy O’Brian and Diego Lauzen in a passionate tryst in tropical jungle (fucking hot)

Couldn’t help but say a few things about this scene. This is why I enjoy watching high production vids of young men in highly-charged sexual romps. Really this has everything:
  1. Lots of passion: you can almost see the steam rising out from the boys
  2. Sexy fit dudes – just look at the ripped bodies entwined together
  3. Exotic location – fucking in a waterfall, who doesn’t enjoy that and besides, it’s a nice change from the usual warehouse or a boring old bedroom
  4. Great cinematography
  5. Paddy O’Brian (no need to say more)
Judge for yourselves and enjoy!