The Pervy Professor: Colby Keller tutors Johnny Rapid with his cock

Colby Keller is Professor fucking student Johnny RapidCan you say hot? Colby Keller is a prof taking advantage of his position and fucking young student Johnny Rapid. OK it’s not PC and I am in no way endorsing academics letch after their impressionable young charges. BUT if he’s as hot as Colby Keller, I bet most students would be more than happy. Continue reading

It’s finally here and it’s HOT: Paddy O’Brian’s bottoming debut

It’s finally arrived and is it ever exciting! I don’t care if it’s over-rated or if everybody else is finding it all tedious. After a month long buildup of anticipation, the Bottoming Debut of the season has been released by

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A Thing of Beauty part 2: Gabriel Clark, JD Phoenix and one great view

This installment of the Cockyboys series starts out with more poetry reading. This time, it’s Keats Endymion. We see two boys frolicking in green fields and taking in lovely things – like smelling pretty flowers, running on the green grass and generally living the life of Riley.

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Bound in Public: Kinky gangbang and then some in a crowded bar


boundinpublic gangbangBound In Public has pulled off another good one. The latest episode is a treat for the eyes and balls/pussy.

Into a room full of horny men, our slave, a well-endowed Doug Acre – looking so young and innocent – is wheeled in a cage. What awaits him is a gangbang torture session that’ll leave you dazed. Continue reading