A Thing of Beauty part 4: Grande finale with a Colby sandwich and a Dale double anal

We’ve come to the finale of this epic tale of poetry, male bonding, aesthetics and lots of hot sex.

This time, we have the combo of Colby Keller, Dale Cooper and Gabriel Clarke. Continue reading


Colby Keller lands in hot Roman orgy: Sex Traveler pt 3

In this one, Men.com has done it again with the formula of: 1. Really hot men 2. Simple and slightly goofy scenario 3. Lots of sex in all sorts of positions.

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In this episode, Colby Keller is transported in his favourite sex-travel-time-machine to a Roman orgy where he is met by a sexy and horny bunch of men.
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5-man gangbang with Colby Keller, Colby Jansen Continue reading

Double dicking made tasteful? A Thing of Beauty pt 3 REVIEW

Part 3 of this epic aesthetic tour-de-force from Cockyboys starts out with some extended oral. It’s fairly captivating cocksucking (in the nice house overlooking the ocean). Gabriel Clark does a great job deep throating Colby Keller. With detailed handwork and ball-sucking, Gabriel looks a seasoned pro. Colby is extremely sexy taking it all like the world will end tomorrow and he’s on his last fuck.

Then out of nowhere, JD Phoenix joins in and it’s a full-on horny threesome. Continue reading