Femdom Gangbang and Prostate Milking Ordeal: Six Sadistic Women Use and Stuff a Slaveboy

Maitresse Madeline lead a team of dominas torturing and ass-raping a guyThis one from Divine Bitches has got it all: Prostate milking, ass-ramming with strap-on dildos and painful humiliation of a guy by not just one but by SIX femdom mistresses. Maitresse Madeline leads a team of gorgeous masked women out to do their dirtiest and most sadistic deeds on poor boy Patrick Knight. Continue reading

Dirk Caber is fucked by Scott Harbor while sucking Trevor Spade's cock

Filthy Family Orgy: Stepfather’s Secret Finale with Dirk Caber, Johnny Rapid, Scott Harbor & Trevor Spade

After having fucked all three of his step sons, a dirty stepfather is set up and fucked by all of them at the same time – only after the boys have fucked and sucked one another. Yes it sounds titillating and a bit disgusting at the same time so I thought this episode from Men would be the perfect way to end the week. Continue reading

Maitresse Madeline and Lorelei Lee Use Slaveboy Kip Johnson as Pleasure Toy in a Femdom Barbarella Parody

Lorelei Lee and Maitresse Madeline spit roast Kip JohnsonIn this Divine Bitches installment of a series called Barbarella, a Kinky Parody, Maitresse Madeline sizzles as the Black Queen. With Lorelei Lee as Barbarella, her not-too-willing accomplice, Madeline shows gorgeously meaty slaveboy Kip Johnson just who’s the master on this planet. The full-on femdom action is hot and they make what must be the best spit roast for this month. Continue reading

Trenton Ducati has his cock milked after being tortured

Trenton Ducati and His Rock Hard Cock Endure 30 Minutes of Torment

Trenton Ducati endures sexual torture and pain on 30 Minutes of TormentThis will really make your week. Trenton Ducati is the sub for this week’s 30 Minutes of Torment and it’s a full-on onslaught of pain, bondage, electric shock and water torture. It’s prayers answered for those of you who enjoyed watching this man on an Episode of Men on Edge from several months ago. You will LOVE this scene. Continue reading

Intimacy, Passion and Two Cocks in One Hole with Colby Keller, Duncan Black and Justin Matthews

Duncan Black is double-penetrated by Colby Keller and Justin MatthewsSo I’m doing a bit of a change of pace and reviewing something different from the more sordid and filthy vids that I’ve been talking about recently. Cockyboys’ release from last week called Kiss•Hug•Fuck•Love is another foray into storytelling within a porn vid that gives a raison d’etre to a fuck scene (not that a fuck scene needs one). But if you’re about to dismiss this as a complete schmaltzfest, don’t! Duncan Black gets TWO dicks in his ass and there’s nothing like double penetration to temper out sentimentality and stop a scene from going over into romantic porn territory. Continue reading

Femdom Punishment for Pantysniffing Perv by THREE Sadistic Women with Bella Rossi, Mona Wales, Jay Rising and Mz Berlin

Jay Rising is punished in a pegging spit roast by three dominasWe’re treated to the ultimate cock-hardening, tease and denial this week with THREE hot slave-mistresses on one boy-victim. Jan Rising is put through an extreme femdom ordeal in Divine Bitches by Miz Berlin, Bella Rossi and Mona Wales. And you just know that women can make a nice spit roast out of a slutboy as well as the dudes. Continue reading

Christian Wilde is jerked

Christian Wilde is the Mechanic Edged by his Own Tools and Violated by Two Pervs

Christian Wilde is tied to a table and jerked against his will with a mechanical FleshjackThe latest from Men on Edge promises to be a kinky and exciting ride with Christian Wilde in the role of an (un)fortunate mechanic who is tied up and has his tools used on his cock by a couple of horny men determined to have their way. A handsome young dude with a big hard cock, desperate to cum being teased and tormented by 2 edging perverts; you know this is going to be HOT. Continue reading