Policeman Connor Maguire is Abusing his Powers Again (and Fucking Tyler Rush)

It’s more inappropriate conduct and abuse of power from a man in uniform. Our victim this time is criminal-on-the-run Tyler Rush who earns the wrath  and painful (mis)treatment from Officer Maguire. And it’s a mix of our favourite things: sex, uniforms and fucking on a motorcycle! Can’t go wrong on this latest from Bound GodsContinue reading


Johnny Rapid is Naughty Houseboy Gangbanged: with Landon Conrad, Logan Vaughn & Paul Wagner

Manly master of the house Paul Wagner invites a couple of horny friends – Logan Vaughn and Landon Conrad –  over to his for a dinner party. He serves up houseboy Johnny Rapid for the first course and a wild night of cock fun ensues. This concluding episode of the Houseboy series from Men is sordid, disgusting and thoroughly enjoyable; a satisfying way to wrap up the month. Continue reading


Dale Cooper Drills Colt Rivers in Lust Fuck: Sex for the Senses

Here’s one to get to your sensual passionate side. Men brings an episode with two guys who know how to work a cock and fuck like there’s nothing holding them back. Thinking (wo)man’s slut Dale Cooper proves again that it’s not just a big dick that makes a good fuck – but also how you thrust it. On the receiving end is Colt Rivers who is one hell of a dick-taker.  Continue reading

Johnny Rapid is spit-roasted by Dirk Caber and Billy Santoro

The Slutty Houseboy, a Spit Roast and a Sandwich w Johnny Rapid, Dirk Caber and Billy Santoro

What happens when a master leaves town and entrusts the care of his home to his sexually insatiable houseboy? And he also invites a couple of dirty old men to do with the home and its content as they wish? If the houseboy happens to be Johnny Rapid and the horny oldies are Billy Santoro and Dirk Caber, the house is going to be rocking. Continue reading


Guy Stolen from Straight Porn and Forced to Suck Cock: Patrick Knight on Men on Edge

It’s Tuesday so it must be tie-up-and-jerk time. We’ve got a Men on Edge episode with a bit of a twist this time. A big-dicked boy is abducted from a straight porn shoot and used by Van and Sebastian. And my what a big cock he has. Patrick Knight may be a reluctant straight guy at first but with such great jerkmanship and sucking skills, resistance soon proves futile. Continue reading