Kip Johnson is Hot Meat Up for More Public Humiliation and Hard Fucking at Dore Alley

We all love a sexy hot guy who can take a real thrashing – and still look gorgeous with a face covered in jizz. So in the second part to the Dore Alley show from Bound in Public, big punishment slut Kip Johnson is on display as the gangbang recipient and he is used thoroughly for the amusement of the horny voracious crowd. Continue reading


Golf Sluts 4-Man Fuckfest with Bennett Anthony, Cameron Foster, Colt Rivers and Tom Faulk

In the concluding episode of the Swingers series from Men, we have a filthy four-man fuck fest with a lot of ass-ramming and cock sucking action. The skanky fun all comes to a climax with Bennett Anthony and Cameron Foster fucking¬† Colt Rivers and Tom Faulk and all of a sudden, golf doesn’t sound so wholesome. Continue reading

Billy Santoro wrestles Marcus Ruhl in Naked Kombat

Marcus Ruhl versus Billy Santoro in a Muscular Naked Kombat: Groping, Grappling and a Hard Cock Up the Ass for the Loser

For fans of wrestling, or if you’re just into hot muscular dudes rolling around and groping one another, Naked Kombat has a humdinger of a bout with Billy Santoro and Marcus Ruhl. The two manly-men grapple and roll in a sexually charged bout before the loser is fucked and thoroughly used for the pleasures of the victorious man. Continue reading


Valentin Petrov is a Russian Soldier Captured, Tied to Trees and Jerked and Molested Mercilessly

It’s jerking Tuesday and this one is a filthy delicious treat. Big cocked Valentin Petrov is the victim on Men on Edge and this one has military molesters, outdoor sex and a hot guy with one hell of a big uncut cock getting a really good handjob – along with a few other things soldiers shouldn’t do to their prisoners. Continue reading