Lorelei Lee uses her slaveboy

Mistress Lorelei Lee Breaks in the Newbie Slaveboy and Gets EXACTLY What she Wants

I can’t think of a better way to wrap up 2014 than with a hot femdom vid from Divine Bitches. And stalwart Lorelei Lee gets her way with a newbie slaveboy. Artemis Faux is shown just what a beautiful domme is capable of in inflicting simultaneous pain, humiliation and pleasure.  Continue reading

Brian Bonds is double fucked by Rocco Steele and Mitch Vaughn

Double Fucking Big Dick Gangbang: Guard Patrol Finale with Brian Bonds, Rocco Steele, Mitch Vaughn and David Benjamin

I wasn’t kidding when I referred to the previous installment in the Guard Patrol series as gentle foreplay in the leadup to this episode. Brian Bonds is a cock-hungry bottomboy  who broke into a warehouse with a backpack full of dildos in the hope of getting some action from the muscular and manly security staff at a warehouse. His mouth got put to good use sucking the cocks of Rocco Steele, Mitch Vaughn and Davie Benjamin and now, his captors can’t wait to fuck his horny ass. Continue reading


Fast and Furious Four Man Orgy with Markie More, Colt Rivers, Arad, Jordan Evans: Quickie Plug

Here’s something to break up the post-Xmas blahs. A four-man fuckfest is always nice to restore your faith in the good side of mankind. Give yourself a break away from fat dudes stuffing their faces with beer and pies and take a look at what dudes might look like and get up to in the ideal world. Continue reading

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Femdom Xmas Fun: Force Your Slave to Suck Cock with Chanel Preston, John Smith and Jimmy Bullet

Seasons greetings. For all you ladies who got a slave for Xmas and were stuck for ideas on what to do with him, this scenario may provide some ideas. Chanel Preston turns to her creative and sadistic faculties to derive thrills and pleasure from her rather useless piece of ass. Now there’s nothing like forcing an ungrateful or unwilling man to suck cock while you jerk off and watch. Continue reading


Brian Bonds is Throat-Fucked Thoroughly by Rocco Steele, Mitch Vaughn and David Benjamin: Guard Patrol

So the thief got caught and his captor has been having some fun with him. Now, two more security guards join in for a dirty gangbang on the insatiable dude. Cockslut Brian Bonds is spread out on the table to be used by the cocks of Mitch Vaughn, David Benjamin and the hugely-endowed DILF Rocco Steele. He’s throat-fucked thoroughly and from all appearances, he isn’t putting up much of a fight.  Continue reading

Topher Dimaggio fucks Sean Zevran

Topher DiMaggio Fucks Sean Zevran in the Great Outdoors: Naughty Pines

Here is an eye-popping scene to cheer up a winter’s day. Handsome fuckers Topher DiMaggio and Sean Zevran are having it off outdoors and they look amazing – handsome, shredded and masculine – like a couple of gods. And being a Falcon video, you’ve got the boys bathed in bright light showing off their hotness to full effect as they fuck in multiple positions. Continue reading