Down Low pt 5

Cowboys 5-Man Gangbang with Brenner Bolton, Dakota Wolfe, Jason Maddox, Johnny Forza & Tom Faulk

We’ve come to this sex-filled orgy conclusion of the Men series Down Low and it’s a hot and sordid one. Promiscuous ranch boss Brenner Bolton may have thought he was supreme bottom slut on the range but he’s got strong competition from the holes of cock-gulper pig Dakota Wolfe. Fellow cowpokes Jason Maddox, Johnny Forza and Tom Faulk don’t hesitate to stuff their eager hard cocks into the two and it’s a first-rate fuckfest. Continue reading

Connor Maguire, Brendon Scott

Pervy Officer Connor Maguire Uses and Fucks Brendon Scott in Brutal Bondage: Quickie Plug

You don’t want to be captured by Officer Maguire – unless you have a pervy inclination toward rough bondage sex dished out by a fit and hot redhead in uniform wielding a nightstick. In this racy Bound Gods episode, Brendon Scott is an unwilling captive who gets taught a hard lesson. That has to hurt but in such a good way.  Continue reading

Maitresse Madeline

She Owns the Slave’s Prostate: Maitresse Madeline Milks and Pegs Artemis Faux

Maitresse Madeline is back in her inaugural femdom vid for 2015 for Divine Bitches and she’s got a nice bit of boy slave in Artemis Faux. She’s going to give him the full works with pegging, prostate milking (with dry orgasms!) and cruel chastity. It’s intense, hot and high-octane femdom action and is NOT for those who like gentle butt-tampering. Continue reading


Cowboy Cockfest Threesome with Brenner Bolton, Jason Maddox & Tom Faulk: Ride Him Sluts!

This Brokeback Mountain tale gets smuttier and more exciting with a three-way cock action this time. Brenner Bolton is a bottom slut supremo making himself available on both ends for fellow cowpokes Jaxon Maddox and Tom Faulk. A hot and horny three-way results in this hickfest with a piggy spit-roast.  Continue reading

ariel x, chanel Preston and John Smitn

Muscle and Power to Destroy the Slaveboy: Ariel X and Chanel Preston are Amazon Women Ruling John Smith

Hard assed femdoms Ariel X and Chanel Preston take over this week on Divine Bitches. Slaveboy John Smith is at the mercy of a couple of tough and powerful women who put him through the sexual ringers. If you’re looking for skinny and demure mistresses, please check back shortly. This one’s all about muscle, power and getting physical. With hard pegging, teasing and denial – not to mention girl-on-girl action, you don’t want to miss this one. Continue reading


Poolside Stunners: Ryan Rose Bones Anthony Verusso

Here’s a nice fuck vid to cheer up a mid-January lull. Hot bod Ryan Rose is putting to use his cock on tarty Anthony Verusso in a horny poolside fuck that looks so delectable. In quintessential Falcon style, it’s bright and the bodies are muscular, tanned and gagging for it. Take in the boy beauties drenched in sunlight and just think of your next or last vacation. It’s a treat for the eyes and the more base parts.  Continue reading


Hot Acrobatic Sex: Bennett Anthony Fucks Nicoli Cole Yoga Style

This is something different and very refreshing. Fit fuckers Bennett Anthony and Nicoli Cole are walking adverts for yoga with their demonstration of  lithe semi-contortionist sex positions. The idea of doing boy origami and positioning a fuckbuddy in any which way you desire is so damn hot! Anyways, who doesn’t appreciate a supple and super-bendy boy, and when they’re appealing as these two, you can’t go wrong. Continue reading


Jaxton Wheeler Breaks in New Sub Zane Anders: Bamboo Torture and Rough Sex

It’s always a hot horny pleasure to see rough and ready Jaxton Wheeler dominating his way through an episode of Bound Gods. This time, he has at his mercy Zane Anders – a cute blond boy all tied up with rope and bamboo for maximum pain. Get ready for some hard punishment and fucking to bring the dungeon down. Continue reading