Ryan Rose Rams Brenner Bolton’s Ass in a Slutty Sweaty Fuck

We wrap up the week with a good one. Ryan Rose is featured once again and this time, he’s in top topping form and they couldn’t have picked a better cock receiver than supremo bottom slut Brenner Bolton. It’s an oh-so-original setting of the locker room in this installment of Jacked from Falcon but it fits these two boys so perfectly with their muscular and lean physiques meeting in a smutty sweaty fuck. Continue reading


Two Giant Cocks in Takedown and Domination: Creepy Handyman Jay Rising Ravishes Doug Acre in Bondage

The kinky theme continue on these pages with the latest from Bound Gods. This one stands out though because we’ve got a dom and sub with HUGE dicks. Jay Rising dominates and torments the hung Doug Acre and stuffs his holes with his massive cock. It’s an enormously pervy episode with bondage, pain and loads of hot fucking.  Continue reading


Ryan Rose is Gagged, Bound and Fucked! All While Helpless Duncan Black Watches: HOTNESS OVERLOAD

Wow and fuck me double! OK. No exaggeration or superlatives here. This is one of the hottest things I’ve seen in a while – and I think I’ve seen a few. What is more exciting than seeing a gorgeous slutboy getting fucked? Of course, it’s seeing him fucked in bondage. In this finale of A Wicked Game from Naked Sword, the sex-on-legs that is Ryan Rose is tied up, gagged and humped til he cries uncle (while the cute and similarly bound Duncan Black watches). Continue reading

Casey more jerked on Men on Edge

Casey More is Bound and Jerked by Christian Wilde and Van on Men on Edge: Let him Cum!

Hey everyone, it’s tied-up-and-jerked Tuesday again! Today, Men on Edge offers an eye-pleasing and arousing treat with a dark, dashing and muscular Casey More in the victim’s seat. And to make it even more dashing, sexy Christian Wilde is co-edgemaster along with Van. When these two set out to torment and edge a boy, you know it’s going to be hot. Continue reading

Brian Bonds spit roasted by Derek Atlas and Sean Zevran

Smutty Threesome with Sean Zevran, Brian Bonds and Derek Atlas

We’ve got another dirty threesome to perk you up and with this lineup, you should be getting hot and bothered. Raging Stallion brings their signature style muscular male overload in this scene from Auto Erotic Part 1 and it’s a scorcher. Sean Zevran and Derek Atlas – a couple of very tasty cock-on-legs make a spit roast out of the always insatiable dick receiver Brian Bonds and it’s always so good when things get filthy and noisy.

Continue reading


Colby Jansen and Deviant Otter Flip-Fuck in a Strange and Hot Tale of Auto-Fornication

This one goes out to all of you who’ve ever pined for your youth. You looked back through time and thought of how desirable you were in years past - so desirable that you wanted to fuck your younger self. Colby Jansen does just that with indie porn guy Deviant Otter and what we have here is a pretty good flip-fucking scenario. Leave it to Men to come up with these backstories but the cock action is hot.  Continue reading


Two Slaves Fucked, Ice-Tortured and Pushed to their Limits in Front of an Audience

This is exciting and a bit different. Yes, it’s a case of sensory overload – for the slaves anyways – on this week’s Bound Gods. Two guys are put on the spot – in front of a live online audience – and subjected to all sorts of filthy painful acts. And the most sordid thing is they appear to be loving every minute of their torment. Connor Maguire and Van really work over John Smith and Abel Archer and just when the slaveboys get into enjoying something, there’s a nasty surprise. It’s an overdose of pleasure, pain and ice cold is the new hot. Continue reading

Bennett Anthony fucks Colt Rivers and Brandon Moore

Dirty Threesome with Bennett Anthony, Colt Rivers and Brandon Moore in Pretty Boy pt 2

I haven’t featured a really good threesome in a while so I jumped at the chance to plug this one. In an odd parody of 90s cornball hit movie Pretty Woman, Men put their exclusive fuck machine Bennett Anthony to work in drilling two very fuckable bottoms. Colt Rivers and Brandon Moore are absolutely gagging for the ginger cock and it’s a dirty busy fuckfest. Continue reading


Bella Rossi Breaks in New Slaveboy with Lots of Toys and Milks the Lifeforce out of him

Readers (new and regular visitors here), I know you’re fond of watching videos of edging and cock-milking. Whether it’s delivered by a man, a woman or by more than one inflictor, it’s always a thrill to see a tied up slut go through the agony of teasing, the torturous buildup and the mega release of sperm at the end. So it’s with great pleasure that I bring you a teaser for this week’s Divine Bitches where voluptuous redhead Bella Rossi initiates a newby slaveboy. You get the usual goodies (ass-pegging, teasing, bondage) and if you love toys, this one will blow you away!  Continue reading