Micah Brandt Introduced to Full-on Edging by Jerkmasters Sebastian Keys and Jessie Colter

On Men on Edge, we’ve got muscular and studly Micah Brandt. Handsome and tight-bodied with a lovely cocoa skin, this boy is a hungry subbie slut. If you liked seeing him bound and fucked, you’ll love watching him at the mercy of pervy edgemasters Sebastian Keys and Jessie Colter. His horny agony is just too delicious. Continue reading


The Hot New Guy Gets Boned: Dorian Ferro is Fucked by Ryan Rose

So Falcon has a new guy – actually, he’s done videos before. But anyways, Dorian Ferro is an underwear model who’s exotic, lean with a bit of hair and he’s a hot slut. And when you’ve got one hot slut being fucked by another (in this case, the reliably sexy fucker Ryan Rose), you know it’s going to be scorchio.  Continue reading


Big Meaty Austin Wolfe Fucks Cockslut Alexander Gustavo: Quickie Plug

So who doesn’t love a cockslut and who could resist a big muscular hunk of meaty top? If you’ve answered no, you are in the wrong place this time. Add some leather and big boots and you’ve got this latest offering from Hothouse. Uber manly Austin Wolf fucks the accomplished bottom Alexander Gustavo and the result is just electric.  Continue reading


The Kidnap Orgy: It’s a Big Fuckfest with Nicoli Cole, Seth Santoro, Ricky Decker, Colby Jansen and Rafael Alencar

In a lurid setup that we’ve come to love so much from Men, this episode has kidnapping, big dicks and a five-man orgy! We have bearded and beefy Colby Jansen and big-cocked Rafael Alencar topping. In the bottoms corner are slutboys Nicoli Cole, Seth Santoro and Ricky Decker. This is a lot of cocks and holes being put to good use.  Continue reading


Meatboy Beatdown: Aiden Starr is Butcher Domme Getting her Flesh from Mike Panic

In something sordid and different from Divine Bitches. Aidan Starr shows how errant worker boys should be treated. She’s a butcher dealing with a useless underling Mike Panic. And for a sadistic and sexy domme, there’s nothing a bit of torture and brutality won’t cure. Check out the raw-ass beating, pegging and bondage. This is a woman who demands everything of her employee/slave.

Continue reading


Hot and Good Looking: Ryan Rose and Derek Atlas are Flip Fucking!

You can’t do much better than this if you want great bodies entwined in a racy hot flip fuck. Sure there are all sorts of elements to a fuck scene (ranging from scenery and script to fashion and – snigger – dialogue). But stripped of everything else, you’ve got gonzo porn with meaty bodies and hot sex. Ryan Rose and Derek Atlas are perfect in this video from Falcon as they go to town on each other. It’s visceral, hyper-male, base and it is HOT.  Continue reading


Fuck Toy in a Box: Alexander Gustavo is a Bondage Slaveboy at his Master’s Mercy

I want to know where I can get what Christian Wilde has. It’s a toy boy slave stashed away in a locked box! Just the perfect perker-upper after a hard day at work. And in this Bound Gods episode, it’s not just any run-of-the-mill fuck toy but subbie supremo Alexander Gustavo. He’s a pain slut abuse recipient and a great match for dom stalwart Christian.  Continue reading


More Mormon Mayhem: Jimmy Fanz Fucks Paul Canon

The theme around tempting and fucking  a religious boy will always provide interesting plots and backstories and when you throw the Mormons into the game, you are going to have a field day. In this episode of Men series  Mormon Undercover, Paul Canon and Jimmy Fanz go at it in the regulation white shirts and neckties. I always said Jimmy Fanz had one of the best getting fucked-faces but Paul Canon also has some superb looks when he’s getting stuffed in the ass. So toss away those silly bibles and prayer books and get on your knees – but not to pray.  Continue reading


Up the Romans: Trenton Ducati is Dominus Disciplining and Abusing Slave Cass Bolton: Quickie plug

Don’t you just hate tardy slaves? I know I do. And in this Bound Gods, Trenton Ducati shows how masters in Ancient Rome dealt with this most annoying aspect of slave-keeping. A bit of a beating, applying pain and fucking the daylights out of them may just put things right. Cass Bolton is the suffering slave who may not be all that unhappy with his lot.  Continue reading