What to Do with the Office Slave: Mistress Cherry Torn Demonstrates

Any woman who’s worked in an office with pathetic males around will understand that sometimes, these dicks have to be put in their place. It’s all about rewards and punishments and sometimes, things just get very physical. In this week’s Divine Bitches, Cherry Torn shows how this is done with scorching hot intensity and office slave Mike Panic suffers.  Continue reading


Colby Keller is a Slutty Cult Orgy Leader with Addison Graham, Brandon Moore, Roman todd and Will Braun

Yes! This is a great wrap-up to a rather original sounding series – maybe not as everything’s been done already. Colby Keller is a leader of some strange cult with quite some sway over his young charges. So with four eager boys who are young, dumb and full of cum, he’s going to abuse his powers to get some cock action.  Continue reading


Femdom Aggro: Felony Returns and is Having Her Way with a Captured Slaveboy

Sometimes, you just want your femdom porn rough and hard. It’s so satisfying to see a lovely domme using a sub the way a sub should be used  - bound, fucked, humiliated and used as a human dildo. Divine Bitches does just this and who better to carry out the deeds than the long-absent Felony.   Continue reading


Your Son’s Cock is Bigger: Evil Cuckold with Angel Allwood, Jimmy Broadway and Christian Wilde

If it isn’t humiliating enough for a man to discover his wife enjoying another man’s cock, the other cock in question happens to be his son – or adopted son anyways. But wait, it gets better in this Divine Bitches episode. The beautiful buxom wife reduces her loser small-dicked husband to work as fluffer/cocksucker in this family threesome.  Continue reading


Legend Logan McCree is Getting Stuffed by Boomer Banks – All Over a Pizza Dispute

It’s a thrill to see Logan McCree back at Raging Stallion after several years of indie porn-making. He’s the passionate and hot fucker we’ve always loved and he’s the bottom this time in a scene from a series called Dick Moves. Who better to stuff him than the well-endowed Boomer Banks. It’s full-on filthy and if you like your sluts heavily tattooed, this one is a must-see.

Continue reading


Bound, Punished and Gangbanged in the Laundromat: Tyler Rush Gets it From Rocco Steele and Group

I almost forgot this in the Halloween mayhem. But never too late, Bound in Public brings this scorcher of an episode with Tyler Rush as a jerk of a laundromat customer who pushes his fellow laundry-goers too far. The result is a grimy hard gangbang with the usual offerings – fucking in bondage, punishment, humiliation and pain. To lead the excitement is Rocco Steele lending his aggression and – of course – big cock. Continue reading