Son Swap – the Perfect Revenge: Trenton Ducati Fucks Vadim Black

So here is another one from Men on the good ole favourite theme. DILF Trenton Ducati is upset having learnt that his best friend has fucked his son. But remember the motto of not getting mad but getting even instead. And in comes said best friend’s son Vadim Black (who, like his own father, had fucked Trenton’s son). It’s disgustingly hot inter-generational fun bordering on the taboo.

10This has been one busy gathering as the guys have been putting their dicks in awkward places. And Trenton Ducati is the one left standing with his moral high ground – and unfulfilled¬†cock. And that would not be right with a cock and a body like his. Boy-tempter Vadim Black has the perfect solution for putting things to rights. What a slut.¬†12DUDE, you do realize where that cock’s been?15 20 25

The familial sexual trysts is a theme we never tire of and when we have such hot looking dudes in father/son roles, the salacious factor goes up exponentially. Enjoy but don’t try this at home.


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