JJ Knight in Extreme Edging Extravaganza – with Ass Tampering to Boot

We’ve been blessed recently by the makers at KinkMen. Yes it’s the handsome and capable JJ Knight in the star seat – or victim’s chair. He’s being jerked, molested and ass-violated in the capable hands of Sebastian Keys and it’s deliciousness overload. Size may not be everything but when a TEN incher is attached to such a hot fucker, it is a formidable sight. 39924_3Things start out sensually enough with the statuesque JJ Knight tied spread eagled to the big four-poster bed being fondled and stroked. Then the intensity rises as the cock jerking becomes harder. Sebastian’s detailed handling brings desperate moans and groans out of the tied up cock.39924_8I tell you this boy’s dick has a life of its own – a massive piece of meat bouncing around and throbbing.39924_15A bit of pain – with nipple clamps – and footworshipping here with Van joining in. WATCH ENTIRE SCENE HERE 39924_1239924_4And we’re off for fun with tape and sensory deprivation. Unable to see, JJ’s sensations are heightened. 39924_7After the simultaneous assprodding/jerking, JJ is put back on the bed on his bed where he endures the final round of teasing and jerking. Just as he must have been thinking he’ll never blow his load, he sprays a massive squirt of cum. But it won’t be that comfy. Sebastian subjects him to post-orgasm torment with hard dicktip rubbing and tickling. Poor big-dicked boy.

This is a must-see. Handsome guy, big-cock torment and the usual talented pair of Sebastian and Van bring superb jerkmanship.



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