Officer Ducati Has His Way with Prison Bitch Max Cameron: Uniforms, Cling Wrap and a Whole Lot More

We’ve got an edition of “Scared Straight” or that’s what was intended. But would being bound in Cling Wrap, slapped around and having the daylights fucked out of you by a hot prison screw really keep a slut prisoner away? A jail cell, a uniformed guard perv and a prisoner victim, all make for a lurid and hot scenario. And the cast of Trenton Ducati and Max Cameron makes this jerk-worthy. 40253_1Max Cameron is on the last day of his fifth stint in jail. Officer Ducati is one fed up and pissed off servant of the law and he decides to teach his wayward serial prisoner a lesson that’ll act as a deterrent. The officer has some rather original methods that may or may not be legal in his jurisdiction. 40253_12Spanking for a naughty boy is always good. Hand on ass-cheeks makes such a lovely sound.

WATCH ENTIRE EPISODE HERE 40253_16“Suck it prisoner.” What a big meaty tool being forced down the boy’s throat. 40253_640253_1540253_4Prison boy Max’s resolve may be breaking. But just in case, it’s time to bring out the cling wrap and the electrodes to the genitals. What a tasty sight to see Trenton Ducati jerking himself and his prisoner with his gloved hands. Oh but there’s still some attitude left in the boy – crank up the electricity!40253_10It’s into the cell for prison bitch’s final sendoff and he’s still showing petulance. Officer Ducati wastes no time in stuffing the boy’s ass with his huge cock. 40253_8That is a man in charge of his sub. After some seriously hard thrusts, the officer unloads a massive load of white foamy cum in his bitch’s mouth. But he’s merciful enough to jerk prisoner Max to orgasm. 40253_11Maybe this sort of thing is the reason for the high rates of recidivism in the nation’s incarceration system? I really do like the jail setting with the power hierarchy between the aggressive big dom and the unwilling sub. Trenton Ducati and Max Cameron are nicely matched and they create a superb scene. Don’t miss.


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