About Luce

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI’m Luce L and I’m a 40-something thinking slut (or I try to be most of the time). I am a broad-minded woman who enjoys hot unadulterated porn and erotica.

As a sex-positive feminist and a porno-enthusiast. It is my staunch belief that everything made by consenting adults for other consenting adults is good. And it’s our responsibility as thinking adults to choose our amusements.

I’ve heard and seen a lot of bullshit around women, sex, erotica and pornography. I came of age in the bad old days of women and girls were bombarded with the message of empowerment but were also being pressured to choose: you were either a. unattractive and asexual or b. a dumb bimbo who existed for the amusement of men. In my youth, In the mid-late 1980s, I was a socially-engaged student in Western Canada and also a dancer. Shortly afterwards, I moved to the UK for many years of professional and personal accomplishments and mayhem.

I’ve been in what some would consider an untenable position of producing adult material while working in the fields of women’s rights and achievements. I had no problems or conflicts with myself. Sexual fulfillment is one of the many rights that women have been fighting for and I didn’t care what the dogma-obsessed feminists thought. I am EQUALLY PROUD of being an unabashed smut peddler and fighting against sexism, homophobia and racism.

I’ve seen – up close – the ugly side of the women’s movement, something that got hijacked at certain points in history by women who forgot that other women didn’t think exactly as they did and that some women were actually interested in sex. The notion of diversity amongst women was lost or deliberately thrown out. This anti-sex philosophy was often the catalyst for self-appointed and self-serving ‘leaders’ of feminism to repress and belittle women. Even worse, their antagonisms toward sex caused women harm.

I turned my back on the movement several years ago. I got fed up with the hostility from activists and advocates who refused to support those who were supposed to be our ‘sisters’. I am still a staunch supporter and advocate of the rights of women.

I feel I am in a unique vantage point, having had a varied, interesting and rewarding background. In addition to some really hot adult-orientated experiences, I’ve been a: campaigner in causes – in professional and personal capacities; marketing professional – for adult and progressive topics (including environmental sustainability, international development and women’s health). I have also had stints as an events specialist – for entertainments of the most salacious sort to very PC and respectable affairs.

So I’ve come full circle. What am I and what do I do now?

  • Adult blogger
  • Ethical slut
  • Support empowerment of women of all sexual identities
  • For more orgasms, better orgasms and bigger orgasms
  • Civil libertarian supporting freedom of speech

I’ll leave it to the chatterers to discuss their own hangups and what they perceive as the rights and wrongs of sex and pornography. I’ll stick to getting off.

For a happier sexier world for hot women and men,

Luce L