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Trenton Ducati edged

Trenton Ducati bound and edged – AMAZING

This has got to be one of the HOTTEST things I’ve seen in a long time. Men on Edge has scored this time and enlisted the super sexy Trenton Ducati to victim for them. Continue reading

The hunt for a slaveboy – Divine Bitches talent search goes abroad

Yes it’s another great episode from Divine Bitches. In this first installment, we see sadistic dominas Lorelei Lee and Maitresse Madeline take a jaunt over to Eastern Europe in search of slaveboy talent. It’s just getting harder to find a good slut nearer to home. Continue reading

Bound in Public: Kinky gangbang and then some in a crowded bar


boundinpublic gangbangBound In Public has pulled off another good one. The latest episode is a treat for the eyes and balls/pussy.

Into a room full of horny men, our slave, a well-endowed Doug Acre – looking so young and innocent – is wheeled in a cage. What awaits him is a gangbang torture session that’ll leave you dazed. Continue reading

3 slave guys put to the test: Who’ll survive, who’ll reign as supreme slave?

divine bitches1

The latest installment from Divine Bitches is another good one. This time, Mistress Lorelei has at her disposal.

Watch clip

There’s flogging, bondage, electric shock. You can see the fear and simultaneous pleasure in these slutboys as they endure the onslaught of demeaning acts.

Divine bitches2Divine bitches3Divine bitches4

And then there’s the assfucking. The slaves are thrusted mercilessly fucked with dildos and the strap-on. They moan and scream as their orifices are invaded while being taunted by the Mistress.

Then they’re fucked. Reduced to being living dildos, the Mistress rides their cocks to bring herself to climax. Will the slaves be allowed to blow their load as reward for their torments? Find out.



Femdom brutality in action: What’s not to like about a cuckold, forced bi and Christian Wilde’s cock!

Divine bitches 3

I was feeling like being on top this rather boring humpday so what a pleasure it was to find this Divine Bitches episode. It has almost everything including femdom stalwart Maitresse Madeline, a loser of a man in a cage AND gorgeous young Christian Wilde who lends his presence in this riveting vid.

Divine bitches 2

Imagine being this poor dork of a sub who’s flogged, humiliated with a torrent of verbal abuse by a woman he longs for – and when he thinks the ordeal’s done, he’s forced to suck and choke on a beautiful dick belonging to his mistress’s lover. Things get worse (or better depending on how sadistic/masochistic you are) with the Maitresse continuing with the verbal assaults, then fucking Christian with the loser dude forced to watch.

Watch clip here

divine bitches

If you’re in the mood for some serious femdom abuse and some nice hard fucking, you’ve got to check this one out. The sadistic relish with which the Maitresse abuses this frump will bring out the inner bitch in you and Christian’s big stunning cock thrusting away will just make you throb.

Watch here