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As the Hookies Awards Weekends are Upon Us – Just an Excuse to Muse about Some Hot Dudes

The Hookies are coming up this weekend and there’s a lot of talk among the porn presses about predictions – along with the usual critiques and gossip. I am aware awards and the accompanying hype are industry-generated so I don’t take them too seriously. But what these occasions do is bring some personalities (ie. hot men) and products into the limelight and that is always an excuse for me to lust over and pontificate over my favourites. Continue reading

Exposing the Mandatory Condoms in Porn Bill – From the LA Times Op Ed

As the mandatory-condoms-in-porn bill (AB 1576) goes for consideration by a Committee in  the California State Senate, there is a surprisingly sensible op-ed piece in the Los Angeles Times. It highlights some key issues in this bill that – if passed –   will have serious implications for not just the adult industry in California but also beyond. Continue reading