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Oh My Godfre: a triple jerk treat (Review)

Released late last year, Oh My Godfre is a treat for the eyes and the groin. We get a trio of young attractive men working their cocks in jerkoff scenes. We see the directorial debut of Benjamin Godfre, a fashion model-cum-adult video performer, leading some tasty and nubile things in a handjob tour de force.

Benjamin Godfre nude

In the first scene, we see Benjamin playing strip-skate. It’s the poise and cocky confidence of this guy which makes a nude skateboarding scene look good. He doffs off his clothing one item at a time so by the time he gets to his destination in San Francisco’s Castro Street, he is completely naked. A fit sexy thing skateboard-streaking down a busy street is a sight. But he eventually comes to a dead end road and stops for a jerk break against a brick wall. Maybe the facial expressions are a bit posed as he pouts and stares at the viewers but the handwork and Benjamin’s slim and lean body are so hot. He fondles himself over his sweaty torso and chest, alternates grip and speed. Finally, he brings himself off to a satisfying orgasm.

Check out or watch the entire movie here

In the next scene, we see Benjamin give a tutorial to Paddy O’Brian – who is buff naked and sporting a fine looking boner – on making the most of the handjob shoot. He  does his quick pep talk on the best angle, positioning and method – on an outdoor veranda against a gorgeous brightly-lit vineyard. Englishman Paddy starts on his assigned task as soon as the cameras start to roll. It is lovely to see Paddy, a young handsome dude with dark hair (on his head as well as in ample amounts around his ‘arsehole’), a solid muscular build and rather laddish and menacing look, jerking away. With purpose, he tugs hard, glistening with sweat on his body and lube on his dick. He flexes his arm muscle, stares into the camera and talks dirty at the viewer in his gruff Estuary English (a reasonably titillating monologue). He stands and thrusts his hips and with the view from below, we see the thickness of his cock. We hear a bit more talk – something about his size – and soon, his juices are sprayed all over. Tasty stuff this. I wish they’d tone down the annoying music.

Onto scene three and we see Benjamin again. He’s on an outdoor deck playing with his cock. He stands and we’re treated to the ubiquitous – but lovely – shot of his balls and cock from underneath. Then he’s sprawled in a deckchair, touching and fondling his cock, chest and thighs. With his head thrown back, he grabs his balls I feel we’re watching a guy comfortable with himself working on his cock without a care in the world as he shoots a load on his stomach.

Things get really dirty steamy in the finale. The setup is: Director Benjamin is desperately waiting for his scheduled model to turn up with no luck and lo-and-behold, he spots studio gofer Shawn Wolf. He’s got the right looks, is up-for-it and in no time, has stripped off his clothing and getting his pre-shoot instructions from Benjamin. With the camera rolling (cue the music) down over his tanned and lightly hairy chest and eight-pack abs, we see our “video virgin” is a natural jerker. Following instructions from the director, Shawn pulls his cock with varying speed, strokes and movement. A view from underneath shows his cock is of impressive dimensions – long and throbbing hard. He teases and taunts the horny viewers with moaning and heavy breathing. The sight of this hot and fit jerking man gives Benjamin a boner and he shows off his eager dick to his star. But the work must continue and the director steps out of view and Shawn resumes handling himself in different positions. But smutty director boy can’t stay away for long and he is leading by example. This is where we’re treated to a scene with two cocks – Shawn mimicking Benjamin’s moves. Soon, the two boys are getting sweaty, hot and filthy eying up one another and Benjamin moves closer. They look genuinely eager to cum as each tugs away and stare lustingly at the other. Benjamin blows his wad on Shawn’s face and into his open mouth. Soon after, we see the protege shoot a large load on his thigh.

Benjamin Godfre and Shawn Wolf jerking

Fellow women (and men), this is definitely one for the bachelorette party, ladies night or if you’re just spending some quality time alone. Afterall, jerking off is what boys do and it’s nice to see three sexy ones doing it with such aplomb. Its gotten me all hot in my knickers.

Oh My Godfre
Released: 2012
Raging Stallion Studios
88 minutes