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X-Men 6-Man Orgy: So Many Cocks Everywhere

I needn’t say much as an intro. It’s the X-Men series from Men cumming to a spermy dirty conclusion. All you need to know is that the all-slut-stars-cast of Paddy O’Brian, Brenner Bolton, Colby    Keller, Paul Canon Landon Mycles and Mike De Marko will be fucked or/and getting fucked in many combinations and permutations. This is bound to be hot.  Continue reading

Lucas Knight fucks Brenner Bolton

Lucas Knight Butt-Bangs Brenner Bolton with His Massive Boner: Quickie Plug

We have a big cock treat for you from Falcon with Lucas Knight going to town on slutty recipient Brenner Bolton. The video’s called Poolside and you can guess where the action takes place. Long, thick and packing thrusting power, Lucas’ cock is a tasty meaty fuck tool and there’s no better hole for it than our bottom who takes it like it’s his last fucking day on earth.  Continue reading


Ryan Rose Rams Brenner Bolton’s Ass in a Slutty Sweaty Fuck

We wrap up the week with a good one. Ryan Rose is featured once again and this time, he’s in top topping form and they couldn’t have picked a better cock receiver than supremo bottom slut Brenner Bolton. It’s an oh-so-original setting of the locker room in this installment of Jacked from Falcon but it fits these two boys so perfectly with their muscular and lean physiques meeting in a smutty sweaty fuck. Continue reading

Derek Atlas fucks Brenner Bolton in Cockquest

Derek Atlas Bangs Brenner Bolton Full Throttle in Cockquest from Raging Stallion: Quickie Plug

You have to hold onto your seats for this one. Raging Stallion brings you this delicious matchup of manly Derek Atlas with Brenner Bolton who is proving to be a top cockslut with an insatiable taste for having his butt pounded. So I do hope you enjoy this  grunting thrusting dirty scene with a couple of very capable and horny fuckers.  Continue reading

Down Low pt 5

Cowboys 5-Man Gangbang with Brenner Bolton, Dakota Wolfe, Jason Maddox, Johnny Forza & Tom Faulk

We’ve come to this sex-filled orgy conclusion of the Men series Down Low and it’s a hot and sordid one. Promiscuous ranch boss Brenner Bolton may have thought he was supreme bottom slut on the range but he’s got strong competition from the holes of cock-gulper pig Dakota Wolfe. Fellow cowpokes Jason Maddox, Johnny Forza and Tom Faulk don’t hesitate to stuff their eager hard cocks into the two and it’s a first-rate fuckfest. Continue reading


Cowboy Cockfest Threesome with Brenner Bolton, Jason Maddox & Tom Faulk: Ride Him Sluts!

This Brokeback Mountain tale gets smuttier and more exciting with a three-way cock action this time. Brenner Bolton is a bottom slut supremo making himself available on both ends for fellow cowpokes Jaxon Maddox and Tom Faulk. A hot and horny three-way results in this hickfest with a piggy spit-roast.  Continue reading

julian smiles, joe moriarity, brenner bolton, threeway fuckthreesome,

How to Deal with Debt Collectors: Brenner Bolton Gives Up his Ass to Julian Smiles and Joey Moriarty

You have to love this one for its simplicity of plot and storyline – in the same category as the 70s classic porn about the pizza delivery boy. Guy is at  home, another guy (or guys) knocks on his door and with little said or done, everyone gets their dicks out and are at it. In this vid, Brenner Bolton is the guy at home and he gets a surprise visit from two repo men (Julian Smiles and Joe Moriarity) and what follows is a very hot three-way fuck. Continue reading

Brenner Bolton, Sebastian Young

Before My Wife Gets Home: Sebastian Young Fucks the Slutty Gardener Brenner Bolton

We have the married man, the cute  gardener with nice pecs and the wife is not home. It’s the perfect setup for Sebastian Young and Brenner Bolton in this Men episode to get down to some nasty sweaty fucking. The guys have hot bodies and look stunning as Sebastian gets the most out of the promiscuous prolie. Continue reading