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X-Men 6-Man Orgy: So Many Cocks Everywhere

I needn’t say much as an intro. It’s the X-Men series from Men cumming to a spermy dirty conclusion. All you need to know is that the all-slut-stars-cast of Paddy O’Brian, Brenner Bolton, Colby    Keller, Paul Canon Landon Mycles and Mike De Marko will be fucked or/and getting fucked in many combinations and permutations. This is bound to be hot.  Continue reading


Colby Keller is a Slutty Cult Orgy Leader with Addison Graham, Brandon Moore, Roman todd and Will Braun

Yes! This is a great wrap-up to a rather original sounding series – maybe not as everything’s been done already. Colby Keller is a leader of some strange cult with quite some sway over his young charges. So with four eager boys who are young, dumb and full of cum, he’s going to abuse his powers to get some cock action.  Continue reading


Colby Keller Bones Allen King at Cockyboys: Quickie Plug

Hurray for these tarts! The thinking person’s slut Colby Keller is back at Cockyboys and they found the perfect scene partner in Allen King. A combination of excellent directing and setup and a pair of superb performers makes the potentially ordinary and vanilla into a dirty fuckfest. Just watch and enjoy this noisy horny show. It will make your day.  Continue reading

Connor Maguire, Colby Keller

Colby, Connor, a Strange Drag Queen Encounter AND Lots of Hot Cock Action

It’s always nice to have a creative backstory to put us in the mood for hot action. This one from Men has got to be one of the strangest I’ve seen to date – and it’s goofy fun (nobody said porn had to be all serious). Colby Keller and Connor Maguire are set up for a rousing flip fuck by a loud and brash drag queen and really, it’s the hot sex that matters. Continue reading


Horny Werewolves Gangbang Paddy O’Brian: Howl pt 4 with Colby Keller, Dato Foland, Gabriel Clark and Jessy Ares

It’s the day after Halloween so hope everyone who enjoys this odd occasion had fun. For those who’d rather be looking at pornos with hot men getting off with one another, this one will make your day – and the rest of the year.  This Men episode (the finale of the Howl series) is hard to beat. Paddy O’Brian is the center of a gangbang with THE hottest most fuckable men around. Dato Foland, Colby Keller, Gabriel Clark and Jessy Ares are unstoppable here. Continue reading


Paddy O’Brian Fucks Colby Keller in First of a Howling Hot Series

Rejoice readers! This is going to be one of those bumper weeks of top cocks attached to some of the hottest and lustworthy men known to pornkind. The European creators Alter Sin at Men has gathered up a pack led by Paddy O’Brian to give us some scorching fucking action. Over the next four episodes starting today, it’s a Halloween feature with a twosome, a couple of three-ways and a finale gangbang AND just get a load of the performers – Colby Keller, Dato Foland, Gabriel Clark, Jessy Ares and Logan Moore!! We’re off to a horny start with Paddy fucking the life out of Colby in this episode. Continue reading