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Son Swap – the Perfect Revenge: Trenton Ducati Fucks Vadim Black

So here is another one from Men on the good ole favourite theme. DILF Trenton Ducati is upset having learnt that his best friend has fucked his son. But remember the motto of not getting mad but getting even instead. And in comes said best friend’s son Vadim Black (who, like his own father, had fucked Trenton’s son). It’s disgustingly hot inter-generational fun bordering on the taboo.

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Rocco Steele is the Hands-on Doctor Working on Bruno Bernal in Deep Examination

I’ve been very fond of the medical-themed porn from Hothouse with the staff going well beyond the call of duty to provide assistance to their patients and colleagues.  So I’m very pleased to bring the latest offering featuring Rocco Steele – who needs no introduction – as the doctor determined to get to the bottom of the problem presented by his slutty patient Bruno Bernal. Just goes to show, a big tool can get the job done very nicely. Continue reading


Dont’ Let the Wife Catch You: Billy Santoro and Colby Jansen are a Couple of Adulterous Sluts

There is always something so alluring about the idea of fucking your bit-on-the-side when your spouse is in the next room – innocently unaware. In this adorable Men episode, Billy Santoro and Colby Jansen are a couple of men spending an afternoon having sex at Billy’s home when his wife comes home. But rather than climbing out the window, Colby bones his lover – with the wife just a few feet away.  Continue reading

Adam Herst leads stepfather orgy

The Pervert Stepdad Leads an Orgy with Adam Herst, Johnny Rapid, Scott Harbor, Will Braun and Travis Stevens

“I’m the biggest pervert you’ve ever seen”, says shameless and amoral stepdad Adam Herst. Then follows a 5-man orgy (or should we say a one-man-with-four-boys) with Johnny Rapid, Travis Stevens, Scott Harbor and Will Braun having their cocks and orifices put to excellent use. If you like the old/young/family theme, you will love this and there’s some double-fucking to amp up the filth points!  Continue reading

Brian Bonds is double fucked by Rocco Steele and Mitch Vaughn

Double Fucking Big Dick Gangbang: Guard Patrol Finale with Brian Bonds, Rocco Steele, Mitch Vaughn and David Benjamin

I wasn’t kidding when I referred to the previous installment in the Guard Patrol series as gentle foreplay in the leadup to this episode. Brian Bonds is a cock-hungry bottomboy  who broke into a warehouse with a backpack full of dildos in the hope of getting some action from the muscular and manly security staff at a warehouse. His mouth got put to good use sucking the cocks of Rocco Steele, Mitch Vaughn and Davie Benjamin and now, his captors can’t wait to fuck his horny ass. Continue reading