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The Family Who Orgies Together… with Dirk Caber, Dennis West, Aspen and Brendan Patrick

An old theme – especially at Men - but one that never tires. It’s all about family harmony and in The In-Laws part 3, young Aspen meets two men that he’d previously had sex with on separate occasions, who also happen to be his future in-laws (Dennis West and Dirk Caber). Add a fourth cock and you’ve got a great cock-and-cumfest.  Continue reading


The Family That Triple-Fucks Their Stepfather Together: Dirk Caber Gets Stuffed by Johnny Rapid, Trevor Spade and Asher Hawk

And here is the finale of debaucherous proportion that’s fitting for a series that was full of perversions and letchyness. Insatiable stepfather Dirk Caber gets fucked by THREE COCKS at the same time. Stepsons Johnny Rapid, Trevor Spade and Asher Hawk jam their tools in the old slag’s butt after he’s lined them up and fucked them all. Continue reading


Fuck Me Daddy: Jimmy Fanz Gets Drilled by Dirk Caber

Poor Jimmy Fanz was horny but sick of the same old scene. The fruitless search with clubs and fucking kids was not what he was after. So being a resourceful and sexy boy, he turns to his DaddyHunt app and on the other end, Dirk Caber is looking for a good fuck. In no time, they’re down to some hot cock action and Jimmy the slutboy gets his holes stuffed completely by the capable DILF Dirk Caber. Hold on to your seats, this one’s going to leave you excited and horny. Continue reading


The Stepfather, the Hookup and the Nympho Stepson with Dirk Caber, Phenix Saint and Johnny Rapid

OK. Dirty dad’s poke-arounds are no longer a secret. Stepfather’s Secret may have become an institution in seven episodes. Some may say Men are over-milking the popular theme and superb cast headed by the filthy no-limits-libido stepfather Dirk Caber. But I say who cares! Especially since in this episode, Phenix (phuck me) Saint joins in the family fun.  He tastes both the dad Dirk and his nympho stepson Johnny Rapid in one go and come on, who hasn’t entertained this father-son fantasy?  Continue reading


Peeping Perv Dad is Used as Bottom Bitch: Trevor Spade and Sam Northman Ass-Ravish Dirk Caber in Stepfather’s Secret pt 6

I wasn’t kidding when I said Stepfather’s Secret should be made into a weekly series (it was skanky, grubby and super hot). But believe it or not, here is PART 6! Daddy Dirk Caber is made into a bitch and fucked by stepson number two (Trevor Spade) and his hookup Sam Northman and it gets pervy-er and more smutty.  Continue reading


Dungeon DILF Depravity: Trenton Ducati Dominates and Fucks Dirk Caber and Jessie Colter

Move over jailbait. This one is about MEN. Yes. muscled, mature and uber hot. Bound Gods has brought us this tasty view from a live show. Trenton Ducati is master handling fellow DILFs Dirk Caber and Jessie Colter. With so much torment, bondage fucking and backbreaking slave antics, the dungeon’s the hottest place. Continue reading

Dirk Caber is stepfather fucking yet another stepson

Dirk Caber Fucks ANOTHER KID in Stepfather’s Secret Sequel with Asher Hawk

Here you’d thought the gangbang in part 4 was the mother (or father) of all daddy-laddy degeneracy but MEN has surprised us with a salacious and filthy SEQUEL. Asher Hawk (who’d been away at college) has got whiff of what’s been going down with his stepbrothers and can’t wait to get his boy butt drilled by pervy daddy Dirk Caber. That’s the spirit. What a slut! Continue reading