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Cuckold Basement Debasement: Arabelle Raphael’s Slave Torment and Forced Bi

We have Arabelle Raphael bringing her cruel femdom to Divine Bitches and in her cage, slave JD is eager and ready to do ANYTHING to please his mistress. And yes, that means he’ll endure the humiliation of sucking the bull cock and having his ass pegged and then watching her pussy being fucked by the worthier bull cock. JD’s suffering face is absolutely priceless as he’s reduced to a forced-bi fluffer.
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Erotic Feminization by THREE Ravishing Mistresses

Alright slutboys, this isn’t just a simple case of playing dressup and getting fucked. But if you are into feminization, this episode of Divine Bitches will get your hard clitty throbbing and wet. Maitresse Madeline’s partner Will Havoc is a lucky dude as Cherry Torn and Mz Berlin join in to fuck and peg him into a good lesbian lover.  Continue reading


Entitled Dick Brought Down By Three Beautiful Dommes:

Three lovely dommes, a piece of male flesh and a lurid setting is what we have here. Lance Hart is the slut and pegging receiver to Lorelei Lee, Arabelle Raphael and Anna Foxxx and he gets a lot more than a few thrusts in his ass. Take in the forced foot worship, corporal punishment and sub cock is used as a dildo with a pulse to please the women.  Continue reading


Cuckolding the Dorky Husband with the Handsome Big-cocked Therapist: Femdom at its Cruelest

In this racy cuckold episode of Divine Bitches, we have the busty blonde wife, a sexually inept husband and a sexy young ‘guru’ with an unorthodox method for relationship therapy. With a fine cast of Darling, cuck John Jammen and Christian Wilde as the bull guru, you’re in for a show.  Continue reading


Mistress Lorelei Lee has her Turn with the Pass-around Slaveboy

Share boy Slave Fluffy has hit the third stop on his around-the-world jaunt. He’s landed at the home of Mistress Lorelei Lee and it appears she’s got a lot of work ahead. But problems are never too big when you are a domme with a penchant for teasing torture, inflicting pain and putting a pathetic slave in his place with your pussy.  Continue reading


Slaveboy Training with Ball Busting and Tease/Denial: Mistress Lorelei Lee Works Newbie Ryan Patrix

Sometimes, those slaveboys can be a little bit cocky. Sometimes, they miss the point altogether. So from Divine Bitches this week, we have a lesson on how to teach these toerags what femdom is about. Mistress Lorelei puts some painful CBT, ballbusting and devastating tease and denial to masterful use.  Continue reading


Goddess Aiden Starr Gets a Slaveboy in the Mail – and She’s NOT All Too Pleased

It’s that great disappointment for goddesses: You are looking forward to a big cocked slaveboy but what you actually get is a scrawny shrivel-schlonged dip. But Aiden Starr knows how to make the best of this sort of situation – with lots of abuse, humiliation and slave-breaking. In this second-parter from Divine Bitches, our goddess shows us there’s more than one way to make a slave blow his load.  Continue reading


Give Her Your Money and She’ll Take Your Soul: Findom Mindfuck with Lorelei Lee and Jake Wilder

This week’s update from Divine Bitches is all about raping your wallet and stripping you of your manhood. Mistress Lorelei Lee takes control of a spoiled rich boy (a cute beefy one at that) and violates him in all his holes. Hold on to your balls (and your bank account) for this pegging and spanking-filled adventure in financial domination.  Continue reading


Barbie Uses and Roughs Up her Ken Fuck Doll: Femdom Playtime with Mona Wales and Daniel Lament

Mona Wales gets a bimbo Ken doll and she’s determined to break him – after she gets her pleasures from all his parts. And conveniently, this fuck toy is anatomically correct and seems to work nicely. It just wouldn’t be right to not beat, buttfuck and ride this dumb piece of plastic ass. Continue reading