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JJ Knight in Extreme Edging Extravaganza – with Ass Tampering to Boot

We’ve been blessed recently by the makers at KinkMen. Yes it’s the handsome and capable JJ Knight in the star seat – or victim’s chair. He’s being jerked, molested and ass-violated in the capable hands of Sebastian Keys and it’s deliciousness overload. Size may not be everything but when a TEN incher is attached to such a hot fucker, it is a formidable sight. Continue reading


Your Son’s Cock is Bigger: Evil Cuckold with Angel Allwood, Jimmy Broadway and Christian Wilde

If it isn’t humiliating enough for a man to discover his wife enjoying another man’s cock, the other cock in question happens to be his son – or adopted son anyways. But wait, it gets better in this Divine Bitches episode. The beautiful buxom wife reduces her loser small-dicked husband to work as fluffer/cocksucker in this family threesome.  Continue reading


Edging and Ass-violating the Mormon: Missionary Won’t Be So Pure Afterwards

Some poor innocent Mormon is going door-to-door spreading his version of the word of God and he has the misfortune of knocking on the door of two horny edging pervs. It’s going to be one hell of a visit for Jack Redmond and this squeaky clean god cheerleader is going to feel the lusty wrath of Jessie and Sebastian.  Get ready for lots of toys, bondage and pre-cum galore! He isn’t going to stay chaste for long. Continue reading


Femdom Ass Exploration: Everybody Loves Anal with Maitresse Madeline Marlowe and Mike Panic

If you’re a demanding and gorgeous domme, you want to be pleasured. You can do this by receiving some ass-attention and dishing it out. In this Divine Bitches episode, Maitresse Madeline puts subbie Mike Panic to task. His tongue is going to be put to good use in her ass before he’s given some hard treatment on his hole.  Continue reading

Men on Edge

Two Pervs Tie Up and Edge Jackson Filmore: Quickie Plug

Oh we’ve another good one from Men on Edge. The recipient/victim this time is Jackson Filmore and he’s getting it real good from the double act of Jesse Colter and Sebastian Keys. Horny desperate Jackson is up for some real torment and jerkmanship from these two sickos as they kidnap him, take him down to their boiler-room of jerking and molesting tortures, milking and toys! Continue reading


Jaxton Wheeler is a Hands-on Doctor with Nurse Johnny Torque and Young Patient Kevin Summers

It’s one of my favourite porno themes! The tactile doctor goes beyond the call of duty (and beyond the bounds of acceptable doctor/patient behaviour). In this update from Nextdoor World, The manly muscular Jaxton Wheeler is the proctologist on duty with nurse Johnny Torque at his side and young Kevin Summers is in for some interesting treatment.  Continue reading


Office Connor Maguire is Bound and Edged by Sebastian Keys: Ginger Jerk-fest!

This is a super treat for all those who love searing hot bondage and jerking scenarios, hot hand and mouth action AND especially if you lust after REDHEADS. Usually the abuser-of-power policeman Connor Maguire is back with Men on Edge and this time, he’s getting a seeing to from edgemaster Sebastian Keys. You know this is going to be great  - with the help of some fun toys – and it’s so hot when a bound edging victim screams and begs “Don’t stop!” Continue reading

Casey more jerked on Men on Edge

Casey More is Bound and Jerked by Christian Wilde and Van on Men on Edge: Let him Cum!

Hey everyone, it’s tied-up-and-jerked Tuesday again! Today, Men on Edge offers an eye-pleasing and arousing treat with a dark, dashing and muscular Casey More in the victim’s seat. And to make it even more dashing, sexy Christian Wilde is co-edgemaster along with Van. When these two set out to torment and edge a boy, you know it’s going to be hot. Continue reading

Boomer Banks sounding

Boomer Banks Rams a Big Sounding Rod Down his Gigantic Cock

This is a real sight to behold. Tattooed Latino beau Boomer Banks – who happens to very well-endowed -  is dropping a metal rod down his dick hole. Whether you’re a fan of sounding videos or not, this man’s singular focus on his cock is impressive and you can’t take your eyes off him. Just check out the, concentration on his face and the desperately needed jerk and climaxing orgasm. Continue reading