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Erotic Feminization by THREE Ravishing Mistresses

Alright slutboys, this isn’t just a simple case of playing dressup and getting fucked. But if you are into feminization, this episode of Divine Bitches will get your hard clitty throbbing and wet. Maitresse Madeline’s partner Will Havoc is a lucky dude as Cherry Torn and Mz Berlin join in to fuck and peg him into a good lesbian lover.  Continue reading


Exploiting the Male Mind: Maitresse Madeline IS Femdom Supremo

The male mind is full of filth and this contributes to much of the world’s problems. Naturally, the solution is for us women to take the male mind and to exploit it to our own advantage. Who better to put on a demonstration of this than Maitresse Madeline? In this Divine Bitches update called Simple Pleasures: a Femdom Surrealist Fantasy, she puts subbie boy Lance Hart on his knees and reminds him how grateful he is for her existence. Watch for the sultry seductive teasing, corporal and butt-pegging.

Continue reading


Femdom Ass Exploration: Everybody Loves Anal with Maitresse Madeline Marlowe and Mike Panic

If you’re a demanding and gorgeous domme, you want to be pleasured. You can do this by receiving some ass-attention and dishing it out. In this Divine Bitches episode, Maitresse Madeline puts subbie Mike Panic to task. His tongue is going to be put to good use in her ass before he’s given some hard treatment on his hole.  Continue reading


Maitresse Madeline Brings Down the Dom: Femdom Dick Destruction of Sergeant Miles

We’ve seen the lovely femdoms putting into their place various bitchboys, slaves and wimps but this is something different. Usually dominant and full-of-machismo subject Sergeant Miles is given the Maitresse Madeline treatment. Cock-teasing, prostate milking and torture might just work on this one.  Continue reading


Maitresse Madeline in REAL Life Femdom with Her Lover/Slave

Who’s more worthy of being allowed to dump a load in your pussy? A real life lover and slave of course. And we’ve got something rather different in this scorchio of a video from Divine Bitches. Domme supreme Maitresse Madeline dominates her man Will Havoc and the connection and sexual charge is off the scale. The sensuality and heat emanating is amazing and will leave you dazed.  Continue reading

Maitresse Madeline

She Owns the Slave’s Prostate: Maitresse Madeline Milks and Pegs Artemis Faux

Maitresse Madeline is back in her inaugural femdom vid for 2015 for Divine Bitches and she’s got a nice bit of boy slave in Artemis Faux. She’s going to give him the full works with pegging, prostate milking (with dry orgasms!) and cruel chastity. It’s intense, hot and high-octane femdom action and is NOT for those who like gentle butt-tampering. Continue reading

Madeline teases and edges Jimmy Bullet

Maitresse Madeline Edges, Milks and Strap-Fucks Jimmy Bullet: Femdom Freakshow

Happy Halloween week! This week’s Divine Bitches is one fitting the occasion and Maitresse Madeline sets the screen alight. Jimmy Bullet is the sub this time and he’s going to get some hard edging as she gives his dick just what it deserves. How will poor ‘little’ Jimmy fare with the humiliation, strap-on ass-fucking and Madeline’s trademark prostate milking?  Continue reading


Maitresse Madeline Milks Anal Slut Prostate Virgin Corbin Dallas

A guy who’s never been ass-tampered in the prostate is bound, flogged and fucked with a massive strap-on and afterwards is subject to an excruciating milking. The tormentor – of course – is none other than Maitresse Madeline who gives Corbin Dallas the probing and fingering of a lifetime. This one is going to be memorable and hot. Continue reading


Femdom Corporate Humiliation: Aiden Starr and Maitresse Madeline Take Over Dicks

So fucking often, industry experts tell us that companies and economies would be run better if more women were in key positions. You see, we’re supposed to be more fair, compassionate and turn to our sensibilities in running business. Take a look at this week’s offering from Divine Bitches. Aiden Starr and Maitresse Madeline do a very nice job at working over a few corporate pricks (Jay Wimp, John Jammen and John Smith) with their own brand of painful and humiliating treatment. Can we say sadistically sexy? Continue reading