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X-Men 6-Man Orgy: So Many Cocks Everywhere

I needn’t say much as an intro. It’s the X-Men series from Men cumming to a spermy dirty conclusion. All you need to know is that the all-slut-stars-cast of Paddy O’Brian, Brenner Bolton, Colby    Keller, Paul Canon Landon Mycles and Mike De Marko will be fucked or/and getting fucked in many combinations and permutations. This is bound to be hot.  Continue reading


Three-way Cockfest with Hot Sluts Paul Canon, Quentin and Markie More

Wow, what a treat! Three youngish and up-for-it dudes are going at it in what appears to be a no-holes-barred group fuck. Paul Canon, Quentin and Markie More suck, fuck and get fucked like sex-demons. The sight of their flesh rippling as they busy themselves is something. AND there’s going to be a followup Next Door episode with these three in an even bigger orgy?! Continue reading


More Mormon Mayhem: Jimmy Fanz Fucks Paul Canon

The theme around tempting and fucking  a religious boy will always provide interesting plots and backstories and when you throw the Mormons into the game, you are going to have a field day. In this episode of Men series  Mormon Undercover, Paul Canon and Jimmy Fanz go at it in the regulation white shirts and neckties. I always said Jimmy Fanz had one of the best getting fucked-faces but Paul Canon also has some superb looks when he’s getting stuffed in the ass. So toss away those silly bibles and prayer books and get on your knees – but not to pray.  Continue reading